Simple Project Canvas (or SPCA) is a set of 3 canvases that capture 3 crucial stages of any project. They are 01 Project Proposal, your business case on one page, 02 Project Charter, your charter on one page and 03 Project Evaluation, which describes lessons learned and the final result of a project.

Yes, that is correct, no reports. SPCA is not another project management tool, there are plenty of those already and many of them quite good. This project came about out of a necessity for a simple and lightweight tool and since there was none to be googled out, we created that we can understand any project in 2 minutes but glancing over the relevant canvases.


Key benefit for anyone interested in an active or past project is that by looking at the SPCA canvases they will be able to understand any project in 2 minutes. This may be helpful for a growing company where the number of projects is expanding but they do not need a complex solution yet. It will be helpful for a division of a corporation with 40-50 internal projects a year where the corporate project management standards are too heavyweight and it will be a life saver for any project manager taking over a project after a colleague who has already left the company or a person who is building a PMO and needs to gain an overview over a portfolio of plenty of projects.


For a junior project manager, it may be helpful that the canvas will guide you through all the crucial points and will spare you the notorious risk of forgetting to list project’s risks.

Another great benefit is when you are dealing with many innovative ideas and proposals, you may ask everyone to fill in the 01 Project Proposal and you will be amazed with the effect. You will never hear back from 80% and the remaining proposals will be well structured, easy to evaluate, and you will be able to bring them to a meeting with very little additional work.


Jiří Blažek

The following gentlemen contributed to the creation of SPCA:

Seelan Moodley

PMP – Programme Management at RBS, UK

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Petr Janiš

PMP - co-founder of PMI CZ, co-founder of

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Martin Farný

Senior Project Manager

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Petr Oplátek


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Stanislav Zeman



Jiří Blažek


Patrik Korovsky

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